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Universalis, your universal solution!
Universalis offers the widest range of products and services that help businesses and consumers establish and grow their businesses or identity online. We're focused on delivering solutions and services to make our customers successful! We offer a great value, which is a combination of a vast experience, great price, feature functionality, efficiency and an unique customer service. We offer competitively priced solutions to almost any problem. No matter what level of technical sophistication a company has, we can offer solutions that meet their needs.
From services like ecommerce, hosting, domains, email, webdesign and websites to complex custom online marketing or design services, all of our services are supported by free 24/7 customer service and technical support.

Universalis can deliver targeted audiences for your enterprises. We can market your ideas in several ways via multiple media. We can deliver creative ideas and new opportunities! We can assist you with your existing project, concept or development. Or we can help you get started quick and easy with your new project, concept or development. Universalis maintains a vast network of specialized people in multiple disciplines this gives us the opportunity to deliver universal solutions in a broad spectrum of activities.
The quality and responsiveness of our customer service is outstanding, because of our highly trained and skilled technical customer support.
Our specialists can provide you with all the information you will need to resolve any issue quickly and effectively. When necessary Universalis can act on your behalf in resolving problems and conflicts the easy way.
If you need our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Universalis Content Management System version three is released!
We can offer you the very exclusive
Universalis Content Management System !
The Universalis CMS offers a complete and flexible low-cost solution to dynamic content management for domain and sub domains.

For more infomation about Universalis trade domains and websites please contact us. 
If you are interested in leasing a universalis domain or website please contact us. We are also interested in acquiring new domains and/or websites, if you have a great website or domainname that you want to sell or trade with us  please contact us with your request.

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